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Originally Posted by Stormfeather View Post
In combat, the wounding of a team mate, is extremely demoralizing. And having to recover that team mate while under fire, presents a whole new set of challenges. Punji pits are cheap, extremely effective, and easy to make and camouflage. Not sure why you are putting them down. Sure it enrages people and makes them angry, and in combat, that leads to a bad decision making process, that a prepared warrior knows how and when to take advantage of.
Heres an idea, try sneaking up on a fortified location with possible OP's and LP's. Next add the issue with having to watch every single step where you place your foot, added with the having to maintain complete situational awareness without getting caught, shot, sniped, or ankle snapped, and you see where simple punji pits are extremely effective no matter how you look at it.
The key word in your reply is "combat" . The problem is this discussion isn't about combat it is about maintaining security, protecting an area and avoiding, if possible, any confrontations during a SHTF situation.

The original post that I replied to was in regards to setting bobby-traps out well away from the area and how it would just draw unwanted attention and possibly even retaliation from people/groups that otherwise might have simply passed on by.
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