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Originally Posted by Steve_In_29 View Post
Absent an active insurgency which has institued a policy of random acts of violence, it simply informs the group whose member just got impaled that there is something worth defending (and thus worth looking for and attacking) in the area.

I seem to remember it "demoralizing(?)" our troops in Viet-Nam right into razing whole viliages in retaliation. Not exactly the type of reaction you are looking for in a protect my family scenario.

No we learned that booby traps work great at wounding people which puts a burden on the rest to care for and transport them. VERY few people died from booby-traps.
In combat, the wounding of a team mate, is extremely demoralizing. And having to recover that team mate while under fire, presents a whole new set of challenges. Punji pits are cheap, extremely effective, and easy to make and camouflage. Not sure why you are putting them down. Sure it enrages people and makes them angry, and in combat, that leads to a bad decision making process, that a prepared warrior knows how and when to take advantage of.
Heres an idea, try sneaking up on a fortified location with possible OP's and LP's. Next add the issue with having to watch every single step where you place your foot, added with the having to maintain complete situational awareness without getting caught, shot, sniped, or ankle snapped, and you see where simple punji pits are extremely effective no matter how you look at it.
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I am naked except for seatless white chaps, a boonie hat and a tactical vest playing HALO.
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I don't like getting my butt kicked, but I would like to have it spanked by some big hairy guys!
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I wouldn't put "mounting a weasel" past too many people on this forum.
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Going after the NFA soon is like asking the girl you just met in the bar if she's into anal sex...
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