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HPGunner I hope that range report I sent you helped with your decision if you should or shouldn't pick one up. Like I said in the PM the stuff in the top right are my friends 22lr rounds that we couldn't find when we were trying to zero in his scope had a weird sun glare when shooting. But the rest is bench/standing shots from 50yards with the Pistol. Still need to zero it in because it shoots a tad to the left but not enough time when we took it out. I'm not the best shot,had a couple flyers, shooter error but still getting use to it. For now this is what I came out with. Hopefully it helped with any questions or inquiries.

No FTF or FTE, My ar rifle upper though I had with the first 100 rounds I put through it had 2 instances where after the last round it didnt lock the bolt back but after 2k or so rounds never happened again. I think it just need to be broken in. Cant gripe or complain about either setup.

CIV Pistol upper using a BCM BCG with BCM Mod 3 Charging handle, 80% lower with dpms LPK, Phase 5 buffer tube, phase 5 extended bolt catch with trigger guard and prince 50 bullet button.

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