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From reading that one blog about surviving the Bosnia situation, it sounded like the gangs targeted places that looked impressive. If they have 100 or 200 people in their gang, all well-armed, they will feel like they can take out a group of 10-20. So they went after houses that looked nice, and well-defended, because they knew those places would have large amounts of food, weapons, medicine, etc. So even if you do make your place well-defended, you don't want to make it look that way. It sounds like a lot of the houses there already had stone walls, etc. So it was just about piling up more rocks and debris in the windows, leaving only one entrance. Ideally hidden. So if they try to get into your house, you hear them digging at the rocks and debris. What you want to do, is make them pay for trying to get in, by killing a few of them. But they won't know what you have inside. Do they really want to lose a ton of people, for a house that might have nothing in it? Maybe you have guns, but no food. How do they know? But if you have a fancy farm house, with crops visible, animals, guys with guns walking around, etc, then you make your place look like an appealing target.
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