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OK, the signs are up. Once again they say start at 8 AM, in know for the last clean-up that was earlier than the actually official start time but I could not find the start time anywhere in this thread so I went with that.

Didn't shoot but took a look at the range, it's not as bad as I feared, no microwaves, old stoves or Winnebagos out there, the worse is the pile we had to unload off the last roll-off to lighten it for Marborg and I suspect that pile fueled the smaller garbage out there on the range.

I noticed a large sign holder there, maybe 4 feet square, to the right perpendicular with the firing line. The forest service put it in a long time ago and I figure they gave up on putting signs in there because they got tired of seeing them shoot to splinters. Made me think that it would be a good place for a Calguns sponsored sign that could outline expected range conduct and also set a schedule for periodic range clean-ups, it would probably need to be made from fairly thick AR500...
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