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Originally Posted by Davidwhitewolf View Post
The series of posts by the lizard farmer I linked to earlier in this thread covers physical defenses, and especially where and how to place them appropriately given your own specific terrain, defensive plans/goals, and capabilities. Really good stuff and provides answers to a lot of the OP's questions.
Thank you, I did not completely read your first quote, thank you for rementioning it. I read 2 of the 12 blogs and he does mention some good stuff. I will read through the rest.

I did like the use of natural and manmade obstacles. I can see how the berms and sloped land work well. I have done similar to keep the quads and motorcycles from tearing up our place. I hate the idea of berms allowing bad guys to have cover should I be in a situation where I am having to defend the farm but it does slow down vehicles. I could see doing this on the OP's property as well. Make things difficult and make it look unattractive (No treasure to steal) and you have yourself a defendable location. But, always leave yourself an out.
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