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Originally Posted by penguinofsleep View Post

personally, it's all the same to me, but the article did make a good point i could never figure out - why pink and why do so many women's products seem more like a "dumbed down" or patronizing version of the standard counterpart? if anything, i would imagine the female version could actually have more features and less design limitations seeing as how most women have better fine motor control skills vs men.
We wonder about this too. My best guess is some guys in marketing thought that Barbie-pink anything would sell to women. Well, it sure does to 10 year old girls. Hey, I like pink, got lots of it, which is tricky for a redhead. I particularly like to walk on the range with my pink camo Calguns hat on, and then pull out a big Glock or a .223 SA rifle. Watch the faces, it's amazing.

It's hard for women to shoot this sport, without becoming "one of the guys", which I do not care to do. So, more pink, teal (!), aqua, is showing up in my range bag, hats, bandannas, but I draw the line at guns.

And yet, I've seen women in gun stores, pushing for the pink guns. My guess is, they want to be certain to be able to use it, because hubby probably won't.
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