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Originally Posted by mcmikel61 View Post
Dear all,

Within the last two weeks I found the money to finally become a member of CRPA.
When I received my first mailing I was disappointed to find that most of it was stickies to put on envelopes ... which I rarely use anymore.
That alerted me to the idea CRPA is crippled and moribund, without an idea of how to get out of the hole they (we, now) are in.
I am an old fart. I am also not as accomplished with firearms as I ought to be. But I am left with the question that if any of us aspire to return CRPA to its formerly pre-eminent, effective position, what should be done?
I ask the question seeking honest answers. I want to do good things.

I don't have any answers for you, but I wanted to chime in and echo the same frustration and desire to do more that you have expressed here.

Unlike you, I was a CRPA member about 6 years ago, and did not renew my membership after the first couple of years, because I had the same feeling as you. A few months ago, I rejoined CRPA and paid for a 5-year membership. My feelings haven't changed about CRPA, and I suppose that the only reason that I rejoined the association is because they do have a lobbyist in Sacramento who is supposed to be one of the best ones around, if not the best lobbyist around.

I'm a life member at the NRA, and one thing that sets the NRA apart from CRPA, aside from their national presence, is that I get regular updates from the NRA, and that helps me to believe that they are actually doing something. Plus, I see them in the community.

I'd really like to see CRPA step up and have more of a presence in this state, not just in the state capital in what are -- for all intents and purposes -- closed-door meetings and out of view. It would be great if CRPA could start providing more real-time updates about what is going on. Perhaps these updates could remind the association's membership that the CRPA still exists and is doing something. This in turn, may result in the membership having more confidence that CRPA is worth belonging to, and deserving of funding.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in here on your thread, and let you know that your perceptions are shared by others. Sometimes that helps.

To the CRPA leadership: What do you say, fellas?

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