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Originally Posted by Just_some_guy View Post
If you can't reasonably tell who's Pmags you found, then there's no misappropriation of lost property.

Find 4 Pmags on Elm and Oak on the sidewalk. You look around and see no one, no one is looking for them. You put an ad in the paper, "found some personal property on the sidewalk at Oak and Elm. Please contact to describe the property and date of loss and I will return it to you."

Then I'd say, you covered it pretty well.

On the other hand, I feel nervous even about "rebuild kits." Even an eventual acquittal in a higher court is a lot of suffering that I don't want any part of.
Your covered ( keep a copy of the add just in case) You actually think 4 pmags gonna sit there for more than a minute?

But , we all know some LEO's don't know the law as some here do. They can give you a hard time , really hard time and take them. Prosecutor pushes for what ever he can , your Lawyer plea bargins down to not having proof you tried to find " original" owner adds a felony charge to mess with you.

Your cost just went up , remember; most folks when confronted by Johnny Law get confused and the minute you stammer , your hiding something so it must be you did something illegal. Just a reminder to all of us , Lawyer up , Shut up , and good luck.

In this day and age we gotta watchout , they are doing everything they can think of" for the children".
Let those without fault cast the first stone .

Bweise says "I have to say the situation was not at all helped by 22 yr old former Airsoft douches who kept touting here, "But possession is not illegal!" "

Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones , cause I got a sling shot

Fighting on the internet is like being in the special Olympics , everybody wins but your still retarded.
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