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Pertaining to Military,
it is very difficult to transfer weapons to California in the military.
Even if it is legal for us to own California (Illegal) firearms. You have to get your CO (Commanding Officer) to sign off on it and submit documentation to the Armory where your weapons will be stored. Then submit a written signed approval for you to get your weapons out of the Armory.
You will be held accountable if anything and I mean anything were to happen.
It is such a pain that most of my buddies just sell their firearms from home and buy new ones when they get to California.

(Usually we can get away with many things with a Active Duty Military ID because the rules don't really apply to us, though technically they kinda do Its a feel good thing. I go shoot a California Legal weapon and then the next day I am shooting a M240 or 249 Saw. Maybe doing some training out in the field.)
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