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Originally Posted by letsgosteelers View Post
As it applies specifically to M&P 15-22 mags, since you can't mfg, import, give or lend, how do you receive a lrg capacity mag ie. 25rd that you can use or own in the great state of Kalifornia?

What if I found one? Just minding my own business and saw it in a trash can. It is not illegal to possess the magazine or use it. It would not keep you from being arrested for having such and charged for the above, but the state would have to prove you manufactured or imported it. (give or lend is the act of providing to another).

But if you found a completely assembled one on a sidewalk, it would be yours to use and keep. You just couldn't sell, give, or lend it to anyone.

Originally Posted by Coffeeking View Post
Anyone have an answer to this question? Is purchasing a 25rd rimfire mag out of state for personal use and bringing it home to CA considered "importing"?

And if this is illegal importing, and one then "blocked" the mag to 10 rds for CA use, does this then make it legal?
Yes, if you travelled and brought a magazine with more than 10 round capacity back, that would be importing, even for your own use. Permanently altering the magazine to restrict it 10 rounds is legal at this point. Permanent is the key. Epoxy and rivets have so far, seemed to have met that definition.

I think though, all of this is tempting fate. Like I said, it won't prevent you getting arrested for it, and your first conviction at the hands of a local jury might happen, even if it is later overturned on appeal. Those of us with something to lose are probably best advised to simply not have anything on us that might serve as the basis of the test case. It can take a decade to get your conviction overturned at the high court level.

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