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Originally Posted by AndrewB View Post
I'm in the same situation of wanting to start with a 10/22 and go to a Garand someday.

One thing I found out is that with the Greek surplus ammo CMP sells, the 1965 contract HXP didn't use any steel (does not attract a magnet). I've been sorting through the cans I ordered and so far I've got 75 rds of HXP 65. So if folks can get their hands on that, it might be more affordable than commercial ammo...
I too am impatiently waiting for my Garand to arrive. It freaked me out when I saw on their website so many options were 'sold out'.

I look forward to applying the skills learned at Appleseed with a Garand. But I won't go thru the whole weekend shooting it. Yikes. Hopefully a 100 yrd line or requal. with it.

Even with the CMP greek ammo, its .55 cents a round. .22lr, in today's market, can still be had at near .07 cents a round. 400 rnd weekend
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