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Thanks for the info. Guisan!

Without a shim under the tang, when the screws are tightened down, the gap under the barrel at the muzzle was a bit more than needed for a dollar bill to slide under it. That's why I added the 0.005" shim under the tang and the gap was closed a bit. My theory was that the wood had been compressed at the tang due to overtightening of the tang screw over an extended period of time.

What I'd like to try is putting a thinner shim at the front action screw, however, the thick metal shim there appears to be embedded into the wood as it won't come out without some amount of force. Is there an easy way to remove it?

I also wanted to try shooting without a handguard in case it was touching somewhere other than at the muzzle. I had this happen with an M39 recently and it made a world of difference to sand down the high spot and only have it touch at the muzzle.

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