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Originally Posted by Capt.Dunsel View Post
Apparently YOU CAN NOT READ , If you can your a LIAR , either your spreading FUD or you lied about what you said." There are no pre/post ban magazines in CA" ( That was an absolute YOU STATED ) SO which is it FUD or LIE?

I NEVER said possession was illegal , I commented on the statement you made " THERE ARE NO PRE/POST MAGAZINES IN CA."

I then stated a FACT, There are Pre/post ban magazines ( wither or not the ban is in effect or not, They can still be pre/post magazines) You need to carefully read and then try to understand what has been said , especially what came off your tongue/fingers.

And since you believe there is not currently a ban on " standard" capacity magazines in CA and have not said as much , you only mentioned that the past Fed ban was no longer in effect , then you spreading either a LIE or FUD because you can not purchase/lend( with exceptions)/manufacture/import anything that holds more than 10 rounds in CA. In fact the are listed and can be taken as a nuisance ( Right?)

Get a grip and try reading WHAT I POSTED , NOT WHAT YOU THINK I POSTED
Dude, you're the one who needs to "get a grip" and calm down.

"preban" and "post ban" are political buzzwords in the same vein as "assault weapon" "common sense" and "meaningful regulation."

They're meant to illicit an emotional response like the one you're having right now.
You say there is a ban on standard capacity magazines, stating you cannot import manufacture or sell them. However this is the very definition of the FUD which you are accusing him or spreading. The law clearly states what is illegal, and possession is not on that list.
Dates stamped on any magazine parts do not make the magazine "preban" in any way. How is a magazine with a date on it legally accounted for?

Now, legally owned 10+ mags can be misused, and when use improperly they can be nuisance items. But if you're using a lawfully acquired 10+ mag, in a lawful manner, and you surrender it to LEOs without contest, you're already relinquishing the tenuous rights we are currently clinging to.

Blatant violations of the 4th amendment happen daily because of the FUD that You, sir, are spreading.
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