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Originally Posted by CAL.BAR View Post
While they may be shooting in "record" numbers (i.e. twice nearly zero isn't very impressive) but they almost never venture into rifles, shotguns or OLL's and military style rifles w/o significant help/pressure from men. I have yet to see a single, unmarried or unattached women show up at the range with her AR in tow.

There are plenty of women who shoot rifles and shotguns.

Then again, you are talking to a single, unmarried and unattached woman who buys and shoots her own weapons.

Originally Posted by CAL.BAR View Post
My point is, that women (in general) are only in it for the absolute most immediate personal or home protection and no more.

Are you able to cite a report on this? I have been collecting studies and articles on statistics and demographics of female shooters. If you have one which speaks to this, I would be interested to add it to my collection.

Originally Posted by CAL.BAR View Post
So they fall exactly into what the states seem to want to role us back to. A pistol with no more than 10 rounds. In other words, they (in general) (and as a group) will NOT be poster children (or much help) in our battles with the states with regard to military style rifles, or hi-cap mags or most anything else under attack currently.

I understand that you have been speaking in generalizations, but I feel very uncomfortable with the statements you've made here. Tone is difficult to read over the internet; but, it sounds like you are trying to say that women shooters are useless to the 2A cause and may actually be hurting the cause. Perhaps you can clarify what you meant?

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