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Originally Posted by Capt.Dunsel View Post
Originally Posted by Merc1138
There is no such thing as pre/post ban magazines in CA either.

This is a statement that speaks of absolutes, Read: There is no such thing as pre/post ban magazines in CA
So you are telling people that there is no type of magazine banned in CA ?

If so you are spreading FUD.

There was no mention that I made as to the legality of possession , the magazines I spoke of do have a pre/post date on them which would make them pre/post ban Magazines. And they are in CA , hence there are pre/post ban magazines in CA. Follow the logic of your statements as absolutes , which they were.

Stop passing FUD, or stop talking/writing/posting in absolutes that mislead people .
Holy crap man. Have you just not bothered to read? Possession is not illegal. There is no date requirement to possess a large capacity magazine in CA.

Manufacturing, selling, importing, lending, and exposing for sale are not the same as possession and use. I'm using absolutes because it is absolute. It doesn't matter what date is marked on your magazine in CA, as it is meaningless.

If you are in a state that restricts magazine possession and/or use based on a date stamp, then it would matter. CA is not one of those states. Also, if the date stamp was for the federal ban, that's been over for years now and is again irrelevant. The only way that the date is relevant, is that if the state managed to prove that you imported or manufactured it within the past 3 years(statute of limitations), which would be incredibly difficult for them to do unless you made it extremely obvious that you did so.

Other states have requirements for the manufacture date of magazines with regards to possession and/or use, CA does not.

BTW, try learning what "FUD" means, since I am not spreading fear, doubt, or uncertainty considering how many times the PC has been referred to already in this thread.

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