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Originally Posted by Merc1138 View Post
Your magazine could have the the text of the dead sea scrolls on it, it doesn't matter. CA does not prohibit possession. This has already been explained a couple of times now quite clearly in this thread. Dates are for states that have date requirements(and even then it's idiotic due to the number of mags without a date, or the ability to change the date, hell someone could make magazines dated for the year 3025 if they want to), CA has no such requirement.

Read the PC, follow the PC. Do not add your own ideas to the PC, don't add silly gunshop FUD to the PC.

Nothing about possession at all.

Maybe you're confusing CA PC with the expired federal pre/post ban nonsense that doesn't matter anymore?

edit: I don't get why this is still such a highly questioned topic, considering how amazingly crystal clear the PC is(which is a rarity for a place like CA). If something is not stated to be illegal, then it is legal.
Originally Posted by Merc1138
There is no such thing as pre/post ban magazines in CA either.

This is a statement that speaks of absolutes, Read: There is no such thing as pre/post ban magazines in CA
So you are telling people that there is no type of magazine banned in CA ?

If so you are spreading FUD.

There was no mention that I made as to the legality of possession , the magazines I spoke of do have a pre/post date on them which would make them pre/post ban Magazines. And they are in CA , hence there are pre/post ban magazines in CA. Follow the logic of your statements as absolutes , which they were.

Stop passing FUD, or stop talking/writing/posting in absolutes that mislead people .
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