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Originally Posted by Guisan View Post
That's the wrong way, the handguard has a task also, compare it with a garden hose, when you hold that one some 8 inches from the end loosely the water goes everywhere, now hold it that same way some 2 inches from the muzzle and see what happens....
Right, but I had already tried shimming the hand guard at the muzzle with a thin piece of cork on top of the barrel and the groups got bigger. However, I may have overtightened the front band.

I ended up trying the loosened (3/4 turn) tang screw and the group (5 shot) got tighter. As I tightened it (1/8 turn at a time), the groups got marginally larger. I'll admit that I don't really like the idea of the rear screw being loose, but it did seem to help.

I'm going to experiment with various thickness of shims under the action bolt and/or under the tang, as well as a shim at the muzzle to keep the front of the handguard a little tighter.
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