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Originally Posted by kouye View Post
I've already done this and do not have any contact points under the barrel to the muzzle. That's when I noticed a tiny gap under the muzzle so I put the 0.005" shim under the tang and the gap (I have since removed the tang shim). The alternative would be to put a thinner shim at the action screw.

As for the handguard, I guess I can shoot it w/o the handguard and see what happens. If the groups were tighter, then I'd shim the handguard rails, shim the barrel band screws, and reinstall.
That's the wrong way, the handguard has a task also, compare it with a garden hose, when you hold that one some 8 inches from the end loosely the water goes everywhere, now hold it that same way some 2 inches from the muzzle and see what happens....
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