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Default Converted Saiga and AR-15 for Sale - Encino

First, the Saiga (Scroll down for AR-15): SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fully converted:


Encino, CA:


Will ship N

This package deal contains one fully converted (front and back end) 922r compliant Saiga rifle, modified under the watchful eye of the AK team at a build party. Mag lock thing included. I went for a "Dragunov" look.''

Also included:

Extra muzzle brake (Tapco AK74 style) AND Tapco AK Stock (if you want to convert it back to a more traditional AK74 look)
3 Tapco 10 round Magazines
Midwest industries scope mount (red dot not included)

PPT somewhere in San Fernando Valley at buyers dime
Definitely not looking to trade
Not willing to part out at this time

Sporting the Tapco AK74 style brake:

Extra stock:

Now for the AR-15 SOLD




Encino, CA:


Will ship (N):
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