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Originally Posted by Matt1984 View Post
Dennis Rodmann really **** the pooch on this one. He went over there acting like a madeleine albright, two weeks later Kim gets a wild hair in his ***. Rodmann's diplomatic approach was probably this "man up weenie."

That's obviously not what happened but kinda makes you curious to if in was a coincidence.
Originally Posted by SGT Loco View Post
Guys, don't tell him anything! This is obviously Kim Jong Un fishing for information about the ways we might attack him. Don't feed him.
LOl what if 20 years from now Rodman writes a book that he was a secret agent and went there to offer a privatedeal to NK from Obama, or secret scouting mission

LOL uhh no im American born and bred i was just wondering. i read a book on the last war a few years ago and wondered what an invasion would look like now.
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