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A few points to consider. Furniture is cheap and easy to swap. If you go wood, you cannot install a heavy recoil buffer without modifying the stock. If you stick with the standard stocks, a heavy recoil buffer is a simple drop in part. A relatively inexpensive yet very worthwhile investment.

The metal collapsible stocks, while super cool looking and very nicely made, are a bit brutal to actually shoot the gun with.

The GI spec HK91 bbl profile will be lighter and handier, although it is still a heavy weapon.

Optics choices are limited unless you get the one with the welded rail. Personally I like the claw mount hensoldt fero zf4 fixed 4 power issue scope.

People reload 91 brass all the time. It ejects them into the next county, and puts a ding on them if not using the port buffer.

It's a fairly dirty weapon.

If you can get your hands on a .22 conversion kit for it, definitely do it.

Have fun, 91 pattern rifles are awesome.

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