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Originally Posted by zonzin View Post
Wow ,, been reloading for 35+ years and somehow missed that memo. I have never heard of a Primer Flip Tray. So simple. Thanks guys. Ordered on Amazon.

35 years and never had/saw a paper catalog? (Remember those?) That was the great thing about paper, you could peruse it while in the executive reading room and be exposed to something you wouldn't have know existed. So many of the newb questions would be answered if they had a Midway catalog, or Graf's, or Natchez.

I still have some catalogs from the mid 90's, amazing how cheap everything was. 1k 55gr FMJ .224 bullets, $34.86 Winchester brand. RCBS primer flip tray $2.84.

Back then you bought books, read magazines, read catalogs to figure out reloading.
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