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Originally Posted by B!ngo View Post
Wow, I'm surprised about so many votes in favor of the PTR. They're excellent/classic Battle Rifles (tm), but the Scout is a modern design. The16" versus 18" difference is in the noise (and the 16" should be more accurate), the PTR's are not known for their accuracy regardless, they can also be rough on brass, and they are pretty heavy.
I really like them both, but I prefer the Scout. For me, that is the best rifle in terms of price/performance that has hit the market in years. Excellent at almost everything - though not the best at anything.
Not necessarily true. There are precision shooting models. Also, HK made sniper rifles (PSG-1) from that same system.

Originally Posted by urbancommando View Post
Don't forget the PTR chews up cartridges so you won't be able to reload.
I don't know about PTR, but that was my experience with the similar HK91. However, read around forums and you will find the following below:
Originally Posted by crazychinaman View Post
Just buy a port buffer,then you can reload,and also the brass does not fly into the next county

Plus, get a heavy recoil buffer (the one fitted by the buttstock) if the recoil is too hard for you.
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