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Originally Posted by Baja Daze View Post
Moore was indeed a huge victory for our civil rights! However I have really been speculating about what Madigan (IL-AG) is going to do with Moore. Is she going to let it stand or file for cert?

Now there is more here than meets the eye....Madigan wants to be the next Governor of IL and I am positive part of her decision regarding Moore will be based upon how it will impact her own opportunity to become Governor. She will surely sell out her personal anti-RKBA beliefs if it benefits HER!

At this point, I am inclined to believe Madigan is obsessing over Kachalsky and if cert is denied she will NOT file for cert in Moore because that may possibly be the case SCOTUS really wants in lieu of Kachalsky. So why even provide SCOTUS the opportunity to hear Moore and accept the limited loss (Madigan perspective) in the 7th Circuit. Now God help us if this does in fact happen, arguably our two best "bear" cases would then NOT be heard by SCOTUS.

A great analysis. Which is why it frightens me so.

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