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Originally Posted by PhalSe View Post
Only if SCOTUS maintains the same progressive/conservative balance it currently has...
Conservatives have been in the majority for quite some time now, yet Roe v. Wade still stands. It might matter in some future case, but not when it comes to legislators going against the current precedent.

Similarly, we are talking about legislators directly challenging Heller and McDonald which are now established law (even Sotomayor said so), not about expanding 2A or any new scope. Remember, we've already won by far the most difficult part. Kachalsky can (should) seal the deal on "bear."

Almost all current attacks on us are technicalities: cosmetic features, capacities, taxes, registration, licenses, etc. Those are really administrative in comparison to "keep" (Heller, McDonald) and "bear" (hopefully Kachalsky).
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