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Originally Posted by orangeusa View Post
That is outstanding.

I've noticed the cheap red dots often have astigmatism..
That's probably the optics more than the electronics, but who knows... ?

QUESTION: (hope it's not redundant)
Have you tried keeping your whole setup intact and placing a tritium in front of the fiberoptic?
With a gap to allow ambient light, but in full dark the tritium will glow a bit?
Just curious... You could test it with a night sight. I've got a dim Meprolight you could have..

Since light enters all over the fiber you dont have to hold the trit far from the fiber. You can put right on it since light enters the fiber from everywhere. Thats why fiber optic tips are so bright.

Im just not sure the trit is bright enough to make much difference. My solution to low light conditions is a longer fiber optic strand.
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(Please skip the lame "two weeks" replies.)
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