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For practice/fun, registered NSCA, trap club shoots, skeet, etc....both in my guns and those of others (does include rounds shot thru mine by others).

Month Rounds
Jan-12 922
Feb-12 643
Mar-12 1171
Apr-12 1105
May-12 1334
Jun-12 942
Jul-12 900
Aug-12 959
Sep-12 1055
Oct-12 732
Nov-12 1373
Dec-12 969
Jan-13 1284
Feb-13 997
Mar-13 973

Average: 1023.9 over the last 15 months. Mostly 12 ga., but the 20s do come out and play every so often.

I'm fortunate to be able to shoot a fair amount...but still a bit envious of those who run 1k plus in shells/targets in competition alone..they're troopers! Then there's guys like YSR who get to travel to all sorts of cool places and then shoot...

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