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I appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks.

I wanted to try this because I wasn't prepared to spend 500 bucks on a meprolight fiberoptic dot sight. I knew i could do this based on my understanding of how a red dot optic works.

In the field of view the shaft of the fiber optic was visible. I corrected this by coloring the shaft of the fiber optic with a black sharpie leaving only the tip visible.

I could have made the dot smaller by sanding down the tip to a smaller diameter but the fiber was small to begin with. I believe the red dot was a .019" diameter fiber. Thats small.

The green circle is a .029" diameter fiber. I colored the tip of the strand and dragged it against a piece of sandpaper while holding the fiber at an angle and spinning it in my fingers. This exposed a ring of the fiber optic tip surrounding the black sharpie colored center.

Astigmatism isnt a huge problem. The dot/circle is pretty consistent everywhere in the field of view and accuraxy hasnt beed a problem.

I didnt choose this because it was the ideal optic. I chose it because i wanted a pure fiber optic dot sight but can't afford the nice 500 dollad ones. Overall, im happy with it. It works.
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