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Originally Posted by Can'thavenuthingood View Post
I just put my artistic type to work on the gas mask guy, see what he comes up with.

My thoughts are a gray scale on a white or natural T-shirt, the text outlines in a bolder blood red.
Maybe a light Sand T-shirt.

I just put up a poll here to get numbers and sizes collected.
Plus there will be only one color of shirt, the highest number of the color wins. All shirts will be that color.

if this is not done yet.

MORE GUNS... maybe a 1911 on the leg in a holster, a Mosin or .50 caliber on his back, maybe an Ar on the ground or on a sling across his chest.

and for the Number 4 maybe a zombie skull crushed under a boot with 4 fingers sticking out in place of the number 4 or something like that.

JUST my opinion

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