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Originally Posted by MontezumaBlackOut View Post
Let's see, the temperature, pressure, and humidity in my family room right now for density altitude is...ha haaa. I still have lots to learn. I generally use m193, m855, and have some .223 rem 55gr (or whatever i can get my hands on). Barrel length is 16 with a 1:7 twist. Civilian ranges here in San Diego...not much distance to play with other than southbay gun & rod where the main range only goes up to 300 yards. My only real choice would be BLM with some friends to set something up. My irons, a cheapy variable 3-9, and my PAM3M red dot have kept me pretty happy. I don't plan on having a range finder with me should the SHTF and I need to bug out with the family, hence the desire for your awesome reticle. When I get the chance to do some decent distance I'll post results n pics. Thanks again for the design, Dimitri!
Read the ballistic section on dialing in your barrel and altitude. Ever shoot in palm desert ?
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