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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
Of those 3, a fast twist 243 is my choice for target shooting.
If I were shooting at stuff that breathes, then I would look at 260 and 7mag depending on my energy needs.
There is no need for a 7mag for target shooting.
Thanks, Randall. I want might skip .308 since I want a rifle I can keep and not have to try and sell a trainer or upgrade barrels and I intend to hunt with them as well (yes. I know the .308 is a great round, but I'd rather have .243's better BCs) though I am sure the rifle will out shoot me for a long time. So it will be .243 first for targets and hunting with good first focal plane mil dot (power range TBD), then .270 or 7mm RM for hunting later when I have better skills. I am thinking I cannot go wrong with a Remington 700 variant, but I'll look at other choices—total budget will decide because I want good mounts, rings, and glass. I'll lurk around and search old posts for platform options. The 700 is so common it's probably the way to go for flexibility and after market upgrades.
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