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Originally Posted by winnre View Post
I was advised at CCW class to NOT carry mags over ten rounds, even if you have legal ones that are larger. Why? Because of this.

YES it is illegal. But....
YES you will get arrested;
YES you can lose your CCW;
YES you may get cleared in court, but
YES it will cost you time, money, and heartache to do it.
NO if pre-ban it is not illegal to posses
YES you might get arrested, however a DA would be unable to issue based on lack of corpus
NO you would not loose CCW unless charged and convicted (go back to previous YES
YES you would be cleared in court if it gets that far
YES it may cost time and money
BUT it will cost only if you fail to pursue the false arrest and or wrongful prosecution.
Bottom line know the laws and stick up for yourself.
PS: CCW classes are supposed to inform you as to the state of the law, the state of the law is no deep dark secret read it yourself.

Bought an M&P 15-22 last month and they tried to make me sign a statement verifying that I was aware that a bullet button was required. Kind of tired of so-called experts in these gun laws not knowing squat.
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