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Originally Posted by Chaparral View Post
anyone got any ideas on this? I know Rotts and Shepards and whatever are popular but those are big and eat a lot. A big dog runs a good chance of getting shot the first time it finds a real predator and then all that training, feeding, rearing is lost forever.

Anyone think that running beagles or some other breed might work as a sentry system? I can feed at least four 13 inch beagles for the cost of one larger dog. I'm thinking a dozen beagles to three shepards or Rotts in terms of cost and upkeep. Mine is a good sentry for four legged intruders.

I don't need the dog to attack. It'll just die in the process. I want my dog(s) to harass from dense cover and raise a loud rukus.
Dogs are only useful for alerting you to a presence of a stranger. Also depending on how they alert you they might also give away your location if it is unknown. If they attack they will be shot. I personally see them as more of a liability than a benefit.
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