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Was up the Glass Factory this morning at 6:57 AM for sunrise. Surprisingly, there were already four other shooters there before sunrise. Almost hit two fat does with my car on E. Camino Cielo, under the tree canopy near the houses at the beginning of the road on the way up, missed them, they went bounding off into the bushes.

Then a couple of hours later, at the GF, three more deer show up on top of the main firing line in perfect silhouette, there were several of us blasting away, didn't seem to phase them a bit, they were just grazing and hanging out. Either deaf or jaded. Thankfully nobody took a shot at them, that would be bad, but they were some dumb deer.

Handed out 26 CGSSA "Keep It Clean Or Lose It" Flyers and talked to several groups. Interestingly, three groups were locals, but another group was from Bakersfield and another from Torrance? Damn, that's a long way to drive to shoot, but such is the allure of the Glass Factory.

The Rangers writing tickets and patrolling is helping the range, overall, is cleaner than it was a month ago when I was up there. If we stay at this rate and have a good turnout, I could see being finished on 2-3 hours. Still plenty of shotgun shells and .22s to rake up but overall, it is looking much better than it has been. Still have our big pile and the lower range is thrashed though.

That's my weekend report, I'll be up there Wednesday also shooting, will report any new changes. Keep telling your friends to sign up here or on the FB page.
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