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Originally Posted by AleksandreCz View Post
During WW2 Saint Petersburg was never taken Moscow was never taken And they are not even castles.
A determined Defender can outlast any attacker with enough food ammo and water.
Entire cities are completely different than a fortified fixed position.
And without resupply, which you won't have in a fixed position when under siege, you'll eventually run out. Of everything.

Originally Posted by Bakersfield_Grizzly View Post
...I think the thread is really aimed at what can be done to fortify a piece of land so that several families of grandpas and grandmas, a few moms and dad's and a few teens can ward off a few bands of raiders not necessarily trained marines or military.

Any constructive advice?

The most basic thing is restricting access. For both foot and vehicle traffic. Trenches, walls, log piles, rock piles, concertina wire (I know, I know).
That takes work. Lots of work, but necessary.

Then you MUST have 24-hour sentries posted. Or dogs. Dogs are awesome. You don't want to wake up with raiders standing over you and your sleeping family with no warning.

You need an alarm or alert system. Everyone should have a least whistles with whistle codes for communicating. 3 quick whistles 'danger' or 'attackers', etc. You get the idea. Radios are good too, but you need batteries.

You should post at least one person as a sentry during the day. That person is armed with something that can put lead downrange quickly. AR, SKS, even a 10/22 if that's all you have.

Everyone needs to be taught how (and when!) to open fire and shoot someone. Ideally, everyone has at least a sidearm at all times.

You have to run drills for various scenarios so everyone knows what to do and where to go when 'x' happens. Keep practicing.

Then hope for the best and have a plan for bugging out. A stash of gear at an agreed upon rally point will help if you really get caught with your pants down and you have no time to do anything but run.

There's lots of other things that could be done, but those are the basics.

Again, this will work against random, untrained wanderers who think they may have an easy target. Even the dumbest raider is probably not going to just walk in the front gate hoping to take over, but underestimate the stupidity of people. And don't underestimate the ingenuity and determination of starving people either.

Have a plan for what to do when a woman and her 5 little kids show up and want to be taken in. Will you? What if it's a man and 1 kid? What if he's a spy doing recon on your defenses? It's just something to think and talk about with the group before it happens because it probably will.
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