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Originally Posted by HPBrowningMK3 View Post
AleksandreCz, with all due respect, its not as simple as it seems. Back then you had commie Commissars authorized and willing to shoot anyone to death who retreats, HUGE military and political machine organizing the defense, Russian Orthodox Church to whip up a patriotic fervor and calling upon all people in USSR to defend the motherland and defeat the Germans. Big difference, my friend.
That's what I mean by Determined. If you've made a conscious derision to lay your life down for something you aren't going to give up to quickly or easily.
When I was in the service we had some some terrorist dig in so hard that the only way to get them out was air support. They just would not budge we could sit there for hours and pick off the stupid ones and lob Mortars at them Until we got bored or ran out of mortars. But they just would not surrender the cave no matter what even if there wass nothing in the cave.
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