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Originally Posted by Bakersfield_Grizzly View Post
I am sure you and the other Marines can and would swarm and destroy an enemies position, but most of the Marines I know wouldn't do it to most citizens. Most would do what it took to stay alive and might hunt what they need, but I would be more concerned with the hordes coming from the cities that have never skinned a deer or never prepared for what might come.

Any constructive advice?
The danger isn't at the outset.

The threat is what happens when Darwin's done his work. With enough time after "The Event" , the only bad guys left will be the smart ones who know their stuff.

Right now only the "good guys" know enough to do some serious damage. But when the SHTF, the School of Hard Knocks is a fast teacher, especially in an environment without law to hold anyone back. Being engaged by a gang of expert crooks with real-world firefight experience is almost a certainty if you look ahead far enough. When it does, you will either run or die in place.

Remember-the crew who attacks your property years into the End of the World probably's done it multiple times before. You'll be fighting for your life against experts probably for the first time, or at best the second or third time. Your enemy will have raided enough people to the point its a routine. Its amazing how good at something you get when you've done it tens of times beforehand.

IMO, a smart homeowner knows their limits and plans accordingly. If you're trying to hang on to multiple acres with a family of 4, two of whom are completely unfamiliar with war or combat tactics, its probably wiser to invest in escape and evasion options then to plan on a last stand. As revered as the Alamo is to our history, we must remember that the Mexicans eventually captured the fort.
The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be.
The more subsidies you have, the less self reliant people will be.
-Lao-Tzu, Tau Te Ching. 479 BCE

The 1911 may have been in wars for 100 years, but Masetro Bartolomeo Beretta was arming the world 400 years before John Browning was ever a wet dream.
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