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Default Any thoughts on the subject?

Originally Posted by olhunter View Post
It's 'lose'...but whatever.

The only thing I would fear are dogs. I can hide from you, but not dogs. Will you have trained dogs? And you have to be willing to sacrifice people to get me. Are you ready for that? Will you post OP's and LPs? The military figures casualties into any plan, but will you?

The point is, you can't just hunker down and build bunkers and hope to survive.

Look at history. All castles, no matter how well defended, always fall. It's just the nature of a fixed position. You simply cannot hold out forever.

The best defense is either a coordinated, well armed, well trained group willing to take proactive action (and casualties) or keeping a very low profile so you don't become a target. And being willing and able to bug out when you're getting overrun if you do become a target.
Gunny, I hear you loud and clear, (And I really appreciate your service and your skills) but I think the thread is really aimed at what can be done to fortify a piece of land so that several families of grandpas and grandmas, a few moms and dad's and a few teens can ward off a few bands of raiders not necessarily trained marines or military.

I would think that besides setting the hounds loose, there would be some productive ways to set up 20 acres to give yourself some ability to survive a period of time? I agree with most of the folks, when faced with odds you cannot hold out from, you gotta get out and git to somewhere you can survive for a while.

I am sure you and the other Marines can and would swarm and destroy an enemies position, but most of the Marines I know wouldn't do it to most citizens. Most would do what it took to stay alive and might hunt what they need, but I would be more concerned with the hordes coming from the cities that have never skinned a deer or never prepared for what might come.

Any constructive advice?
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