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Originally Posted by Exocet5 View Post
I tried paint balling for that but really found it hard to gel with the awkwardness of the paint ball guns and their strange 2-finger triggers and gas canister. Also found it hard to take it seriously and tried more to shoot fat guys to see the look of shock on their faces. I spent the whole time laughing and berating my team members for cowering behind obstacles when a concerted assault on the opposing team would have routed them. ****ing civilians, think they’re going to live forever.

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Paintball leads to bad habits. Its usefulness is EXTRAORDINARILY limited. The guns aren't very accurate and the projectiles don't have very much range. A cardboard box is hard cover to a lot of players. Engagement distances are CQB close, not the 100 to 1000 yards I prefer. Maybe in thick brush where visibility is only 30 feet or in buildings it is useful.
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