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Interesting. Edited to say "Good post" as I haven't read the whole thing and now will have to do that over the next couple of days.

Originally Posted by Exocet5 View Post
How would you determine the best/better place to defend the property and your group?
The way I figure, if you're shootin from your windows, you've already lost!!
Yes, and moreover hiding in the house will put you in the already lost part against determined "raiders." Most bullets go right through stucco and sheetrock not to mention how easy it is to burn the house down if you are hiding in it.
Far fetched idea but escape tunnels..
More plausible (right now) prep covered/concealed egress routes and routes to firing positions.

First 1-3 days
1) Inventory all defensive items & munitions; clean and lube, load magazines, properly secure from children/prying eyes. Start a simple logbook with description & function of each item.
2) Quick inventory of all food items, medical supplies & equipment. Check the water situation.
3) Quick evaluation / minor adjustments to all vehicles noting fuel level, tires, problems, etc. Top off fluids, air up tires, spare tires. Park in a defensive position such as pointing toward the road.
4) Examine local maps noting roads, streams, lakes, other notable locations.
5) Survey the property noting natural boundaries, obstacles, wooded features, natural defensive positions.
> Take ranges and create range cards from shooting from designated positions
> Repair downed fences and gates if possible
> Chain & lock lockable gates
> Repair and/or install flood lighting (if applicable)
> Scan the property from tentative defensive locations
> Establish a simple procedure of locking doors and securing windows at nite

5) Create some kind of 'master butcherpaper' tasksheet detailing
"Need to do (now)
Need to do (soon, sooner, later)"
"Current Tactical Situation or SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (including wild animals)". Something like that.
My next thought. Do all this ^ Now, not in the first 3 days of SHTmfF.

Days 4-7
1) Begin to establish a nighttime or 24 hour watch depending on the situation
2) Detailed sitdown conversation / evaluation with all family members (kids included) of the neighbors and other likely avenues of threats (ie 100k city 2 hours away). Put those thoughts onto paper.
3) Gun safety refresher sessions
4) Do's and don't's of the current situation
5) Figure out communications....FRS radios? Something else?
6) Start to dig a forward observation post ????
7) ????? NOW WHAT ??????
Again, most of the above can actually be done NOW. Have this all prepared, thought out, and rehearsed.

I know the concept is to create a path that "steams" raiders into firing lanes.....???

By the way, I have started to read the tactical classic Defense of Duffer's Drift

This is also a useful article from the fictional viewpoint of a raider:
Duffer's Drift is wonderful for the basics and overall guidelines. Each situation will be significantly different for actual physical changes you may or may not make.
The second link is new to me, thank you.

A concept to keep in mind while doing preparations... "Speak softly but carry a big stick."

Don't look like a defensible position, read: something valuable is here, but be in a position to defend. Look like an everyday common poor old house, read: doesn't catch the attention of potential looters as a target.

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