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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
I would never abandon my home. It is where all my food, and supplies are and my ability to survive.

You city folk need to learn what a sense of community and family is. We do practice what we preach.
Hi Kevin. I’m sorry to see you go. You’ve shared good insight and perspective from someone who lives in the kind of area I’m headed to. Some of the things on this thread may seem to poke hard at ideas held dear….of home….family….traditions. Those are not easy things to mess with and the only intent is to come up with other points of view. Something that’s been missed or missing….in order to have a better outcome….for whoever, whatever, and whenever. We want to live according to our own rules and this thread was meant to be a playbook for when rules change. NOT a city folk vs rural folk battle and it’s my apology if it’s seemed to turn into that.


Below is some helpful info I came across a few years ago that may be applicable to the discussion. Posted verbatim, these are not my words nor are they from copywrited sources. This may be something that everyone at a location, and even the neighbors, learns ASAP once the SHTF. Please let me know what you guys think.

>> The other thing that occurs to me is that if raiders have military training, this is what you may be facing on your counterattack. <<

Immediate Action Drill (IAD)
If you’re not experienced, you really need to formulate your IAD.
When I was doing COIN ops, we had a few and they were simple and easy to adopt.

A) The enemy sees you first: assault charge towards them
B) You see the enemy first: lay an instant ambush
C) You and the enemy see each other at the same time: assault charge towards them using supporting fire and movement. Which works very well if you’re in a section (8-16), platoon (25-60), or company strength (70-250) with associated fire power.

If you’re on your own, the simple Dash-Down-Crawl-Observe-Sights-Fire is what you should learn (DDCOSE). The dash is never more than 3 steps, then hit the dirt, crawl into cover. Observe: where did the fire come from? Adjust sights for distance/ open scope covers. Fire if a clear target presents itself, or to cover your further withdrawal. If unarmed, obviously skip the fire part, try to establish your escape route. Running towards whoever is shooting at you is never conducive to survival.

Everything needs to be practiced. If you don’t, none of your IAD will be muscle memory.

D) Over 30 meters, run for cover. Most people aren’t that great with a gun. The ones that are, well, you’ll know already.
E) Under 30 meters, aim for their dick, shoot until they stop moving, then shoot them in the head. Then find cover and look for their friends. If you’re lucky they will come to find out what the noise is and you can kill them too.
For the serious professional, this doesn’t necessarily apply but it worked fairly well in Iraq and the Philippines.

The more guns you have in a fight (with competent operators behind them) the better off you are.

A word of advice: have a pistol and a knife on your strong side hip. If **** comes to shove, drop your primary and go for the pistol. If that doesn’t work, get very active with the knife as fast as you can. If you find yourself in that position, when you stand up (if you stand up) you will be a bad mother****er. Then grab what you can and run like hell.

[Name deleted] we did the same basic drills in the Canadian Army, the only thing that I can add to that would be that when you are on the move, you are scanning for potential trouble and you are, at the same time, checking out the immediate area around for cover/ fire positions.

[Name deleted] very true. The only other thing is I’d say never underestimate any opponent. Unless you have solid intel on [raiders] never underestimate anyone.

I tried paint balling for that but really found it hard to gel with the awkwardness of the paint ball guns and their strange 2-finger triggers and gas canister. Also found it hard to take it seriously and tried more to shoot fat guys to see the look of shock on their faces. I spent the whole time laughing and berating my team members for cowering behind obstacles when a concerted assault on the opposing team would have routed them. ****ing civilians, think they’re going to live forever.

end quote

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