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Military rule of thumb says it takes a force of 10 to 1 to drive out a entrenched opposing force. They also say that most attacking forces withdraw at 20 percent casualties. Facing liked armed attackers we could repel most any group. When the rest of the neighbors show up from all sides things are going to get ugly.

The supposition that the bad guys are going to be a overwhelming force is absurd. My wife shoots better that 99% of most pilgrims and she is the weakest shooter in our group. The attackers are going to be hungry and low on supplies, that is the reason they are attacking. Even in my little community the bad guys are going to be facing a bunch of very mad locals. I would say my county has more guns and ammo per capita than anywhere in the state.

1400 yard shots, laughable. Only made by the top snipers in the world. There isn't going to be a bunch of them running around as criminals. Way too much TV being watched here. Booby traps and poison, Really ? Shoot at my home home and we will slip out the back flank you and kill you. We do know every rock, tree and shrub on the place, we live here.

I would never abandon my home. It is where all my food, and supplies are and my ability to survive.

You city folk need to learn what a sense of community and family is. We do practice what we preach. All the rest of this is crap.

I'm done with this fantasy thread. Good luck getting out of the city.

Look up the term "cannon fodder"
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