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Originally Posted by Chaparral View Post
A couple o' three things to add:

2) "Dwindling"/harassment/retaking of indefensible terrain: If your homestead/doomstead/red x property was where you grew food and kept livestock, it may very well be worth retaking especially since things like good tilthy soil and mature fruit/nut trees cannot be put in a BOB and hauled off to the mountains. That soil and those trees represent an agriculture based future and most ground that is fertile and productive also happens to be flat and level and therefore not that defensible. It seems like it'd be worth it to expend a few .338 Lapua rounds from 1400 yards away to get it back. Perhaps if you have to bugout, you can plug the sewer so the raiders have to step outside to drop a deuce. Maybe you'll get a couple of them that way. Who knows.
Absolutely. And this is done with a number of like minded people who specialize in different things. To do it alone would be extremely hard. Number 1 req being at least marksman level shooter. Second thing is this is all planed before anything happens and there are redundant well practiced plans in place to bug out and retake the place. Third, you know your general area like the back of your hand and there are multiple safe locations where you'd store your various weapons, food and water at *the first sign of real crisis*. Those emergency storage locations are fully booby trapped once SHTF.

To me,the biggest danger would be looters and they would never be very disciplined and organized(or anyone else for that matter) to withstand a well thought out long range "cutting off the snake's head" strategy.
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