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Originally Posted by HPBrowningMK3 View Post
No suggesting outright retaking of the compound. I am talking about long range harassment, hit and run. Not interested in attrition at all.
If you aren't actually trying to kill them (attrition) then what's the point of continually risking injury/capture/death just to harass them? So they go away and you can return to a location that you still can't defend? Plus you might just get them mad enough to come looking for your new base of operations.
You didn't just call me a keyboard jockey("Call of Duty fantasies"), did you? LOL. That's cool man, I don't mind. I'll depend on my "Call of Duty" training.
Actually the comment wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, just at the unrealistic expectations that a lot of people seem to have on here.

Though if you think video games are what you need then go for it but personally I prefer to depend on my real life training from the Marines that taught me to make valid assessments of the viability of a course of action, rather then a fantasy game with a reset button and cheat codes.

This was my training regimen:
USMC 1976 -1995
Jump School
Disabled Combat Vet
2/5, 2/9, 3/8, 2/1, 1/4, 3rdLAR
2yrs with J.S.O.C. (the guys that masterminded getting BinLaden)
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