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Originally Posted by AleksandreCz View Post

Your Best defense is staying hidden away. Is it well know or Obvious that there is a House there ? Are you expecting a raiding party to accidentally stumble on to it? or specifically come for it ?

Judging by your map your biggest danger would be a raiding part traveling the Minor highway and upon discovery of locations 1 & 2 proceed towards your home to Investigate the possibilities of easily obtainable supplies.

1) Now your First line of defense is Misinformation. I would highly recommend Acquiring a sign of some sort that would suggest the road leads to something of no Interest to anyone. It could be an open area or a city dump. This Obviously wouldn't fool the locals but might work with someone who has never been to the area. In case of SHTF I would Place it a few Hundred Yards beyond where your Property would be visible From.

2) If you still have a raiding party coming that Ignored Misinformation. Your best Bet is to control their actions. Play a game of Chess with them Give them a Perceived Opening that is actually the Place where you can concentrate the defenses on. Make the woods around the house Hard to travel in Forcing them take the road and then Concentrate on defending the road.

3) Don't be Attached to the Property Don't force yourself to defend something that you cant. If defense is Impossible Just Leave. Have a campsite set up in the mountains that you can retreat to at the moments notice. Along with this Don't keep all your gear and supplies in one spot.
Really appreciate it.
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