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Originally Posted by pieeater View Post
how was the scouting?
thanks for asking. we ended up do a very long 9 mile hike along a Ridge. Even though we saw a BLM worker who said there were turkeys all over the place the only sign of turkeys were some very far off gobbles a couple miles down in the valley where there was no easy trail to get down to check out. After the hike I found a different place to park and get into that valley easier so I going there on Friday and scout the trails and hopefully put a gobbler to bed. if nothing else be able to scout the trails that I will be hiking in the dark the next morning. This will be an easier hike for us when we have our gear. than the ridge trail

I see what you guys are saying about the blind, the terrain is fairly steep around there so even if I were to be able to locate the turkeys ahead of time I don't think I can set it up so its best to stay a bit mobile which I bought some gear for that as well.

On Sunday we went on a hike close to home and were able to practice stalking and calling in turkeys. I also been practicing my calls on a flock of turkeys I see near the road almost every morning when I drive my kids to school. Really excited to give it a try this weekend, if my daughter shoots a turkey that would be awesome regardless its going to be a great adventure!

I learned some other very important things on the trip
  • Bring much more water, my daughter drinks like a fish, even though I had a large capacity camel back we still ran out of water at the end.
  • bring better maps, I was using a crappy one I downloaded off the internet that didn't show the trails as well, so was not sure of where I was going. since then i have found some better maps and really looked over the area with Google earth.
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