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OK I need concrete confirmation... this 'public nuisance stuff is BS.....

Basically I have used up all my 10 mags for a certain rifle due to me wanting to keep them more original and since there are no real viable 'bullet buttons' for them, I have had to make them 'fixed' .... So all I have left are preban mags of STD 20 rd capacity ,most with clearly worn finishes and some dents.... So the couple rifles I have made 'featureless' now have to use these since I believe 10rd mags are either not being made any more OR are STUPID $$$$$$. Since I have kept them as original as possible, they are too long to fit in my vehicle where I have to have them.... otherwise they are in cases on the floor behind the front seats... kind of pisses off the back seaters

I also have to say that when I found out about this , I was floored... just 'love' the way crap get s instituted and you find out the 'hard way'....

Frikkin DOUCHE BAGS every single one of the turds running this place... public servants huh??? Thin they need like 10 lashes each to remind them WHO they ACTUALLLY work for...

Thank you guys, I have read all the posts and links, just want extra confirmation....
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