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Originally Posted by HPBrowningMK3 View Post
Excellent ideas from many people.

May I offer a different strategy? Focus on training your people to be marksmen level shooters at least and plan to bug out if faced with overwhelming force.
VERY valid recommendations.

You temporarily give up your position and come back at them at your convenience.

Static defense is too expensive.

Spread out your spider-holes and BOB all over the place and become a Grim Reaper at night. Hit hard and disappear. Over and over.

The psychological effect is devastating.

Use paintball to train.

Is it really worth the effort to retake an indefensible position??

Despite the Call of Duty fantasies, even the BEST trained units still take casualties in those types of hit-and-run attacks, so a rag tag group can only fare worse.

How long before it's reduced to ineffectiveness and the women/children are left to fend for themselves.

A war of attrition really doesn't work if you have no way to readily replace your losses.
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