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Originally Posted by winnre View Post
I was advised at CCW class to NOT carry mags over ten rounds, even if you have legal ones that are larger. Why? Because of this.

YES it is illegal. But....
YES you will get arrested;
YES you can lose your CCW;
YES you may get cleared in court, but
YES it will cost you time, money, and heartache to do it.
Originally Posted by mrdd View Post
This has been discussed before. A nuisance is a civil action. You can't get arrested for it.
Originally Posted by anthonyca View Post
If one of us stole a citizen's legally owned private property and had it destroyed just because we didn't like it, we would be held liable and probably be criminally charged. This should be no different if a government agent did the same.
What a non-sequitur. I was responding to the idea that the person who possessed the standard mags could not be arrested for simple possession. The state law allows confiscation as a civil action brought by the state or local government.
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